12 thoughts on “Winter is too long!

  1. Hi Vanni – Nice crispy shot … brrrr. Great title for your blog – Only For Fun – I like how you’ve introduced yourself – I should use your fine description for myself. I too used to take hundreds of rolls of film too … mostly Kodachrome at the cost of 50 cents a shot – so I had to get pretty disciplined. Also did about a dozen weddings in my mid-20’s but that became too stressful with equipment failures. I love doing the photo-editing – taking an ordinary image and tuning it to what I envision. Also I like coming up with a good caption. Ok. And thanks for the follow, too.

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    1. Thank you Michael for all the compliments, I’m glad that look like us, I think we also have the same age, I loved the analog, but now I prefer the digital which allows me to indulge my fancy, for me post production is half of photography, titles are important i think to influence the beholder.
      sorry for the bad English
      in grande saluto Vanni 🙂

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