A light in the night!


A light in the night! – Fishing boat, Mar Grande, Taranto, Puglia, Italy


14 thoughts on “A light in the night!

        1. โ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆ
          โ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆ >|||||ยฐ> โ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆ >|||||ยฐ> โ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆ >|||||ยฐ> โ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆ >|||||ยฐ> โ‰ˆโ‰ˆโ‰ˆ

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