Suburbs – Via Adriano, Milan, Lombardy, Italy


11 thoughts on “Suburbs

    • Ray Thanks for the comment, with this image I wanted to emphasize the sadness of some buildings that are often found in many suburban reality of almost all modern cities, buildings that give a sense of loneliness and isolation!
      This picture is not very representative of Milan, then in my opinion, does not fit your project, however, in a context of anonymous architecture would be fine.
      I understand the intent of your blog, I realized that it takes three images of a city, but you also say that this would be good for the architecture section, this I can give it to you without problems if you need.
      ciao Vanni 🙂


    • …con questa foto ho voluto sottolineare la bruttezza di alcuni condomini di periferia, edifici che danno un senso di solitudine e isolamento!
      ciao, grazie per il commento Vanni 🙂


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