16 thoughts on “…and the ship goes!

  1. i have the wanderlust and want to enjoy travel the old fashioned way – my love for the sea, the adventure of visiting different ports and enjoying the serenity and tranquility (storms included), this could be just what i’m longing for!


    1. I really like your idea of ​​a trip, I did a week with Costa Cruises, it’s nice to get on the top deck, admiring the beauty and depth of the sea and sky. One of my dreams is to make a trip to the Norwegian fjords,
      Ciao, Sipra, buona giornata 🙂


      1. my element is water, doesn’t matter if on or in it (just came back on friday from a domrep-diving-trip).
        two years ago i drove from my cottage (fin) for some time to lofoten, it was breathtaking beautiful. i suppose you’d like to make the post-hurtigruten. i’ve heard it’s fantastic! sirpa


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