10 thoughts on “My friend Samurai!

  1. it’s an honor to have a friend like him! are you studying aikido? some years ago i saw the entertainment film „last samurai“. was really a beautiful epic with dreamlike nature-images, sincere characters and thrilling battle scenes.


    1. Ciao Sipra, Andrea is my childhood friend, is one of the most important teachers we have in Italy, both aikido and Japanese sword, we started doing aikido together in the nineties, then I stopped.
      Are not very constant, before I had done for a decade yoga, now I will start as soon as possible to do Tai Chi, i’m getting old is I need to not rust.
      I’ve always been fascinated with the Far East, the film you mentioned is a must really fascinating, in the past I really loved the television series Kung Fu, you turn the link of the first episode watch it:
      David Carradine for me a myth.
      Vanni 🙂


      1. vanni, thank you for the link: emotionally moving and catching (didn’t see it before). carradine seemed to be a sincere character actor.
        yoga was a long time an important part of my life, too. today my acrobatik is rather to follow my inner voice. sirpa


  2. Fantastica foto. si vede che sei fiero di lui (e fai bene) 🙂
    Io ho praticato karate per un po’ di anni. Ho dovuto smettere ma come diceva il mio sensei “il karate (come qualsiasi arte marziale) non è un corso che inizia e finisce. E’ un insegnamento per tutta la vita.”


    1. Si in effetti… si vede molto? comunque anch’io amo l’Oriente con tutta la filosofia e l’eleganza Zen che sta dietro!
      Si è un’insegnamento per tutta la vita, sono decisamente d’accordo!

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