We must never forget!

We must never forget!

We must never forget! – Children’s drawings, Jewish Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

10 thoughts on “We must never forget!

  1. Yes indeed, it good to remind sometimes all the bad things that human are able to do to others.
    I went there in 2010 and I remember that you can’t take picture, I did some in the synagogue anyway, and I remember well these place.
    Thank for sharing
    Have a nice evening


  2. Yes let’s not forget.I am old enough to remember the atmosphere of fear, at times terror, of those year – even though my family was safe. The horror was just in the air. I was born at the end of March 1937.


    1. Grazie per la testimonianza, sono stati tempi terribili che noi non riusciamo neanche a immaginare, è importante raccontare ogni volta queste tragedie sopratutto per farle scoprire alle nuove generazioni.
      D’altronde senza conoscere il passato non si può costruire il futuro!
      ciao 🙂


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