The mask of Pulcinella

The mask of Pulcinella

The mask of Pulcinella – Naples, Italy – 2010


6 thoughts on “The mask of Pulcinella

  1. The mask of Pulcinella has a meaning of social protest, with his strength makes fun of power.
    Is disturbing because it hides his character in the eyes of the bourgeoisie, reflects the desire for revenge of the people.


  2. Pulcinelli:
    “You’re fools ! A troop,
    That’s born to stoop.
    We’re the wise,
    We see through lies:
    And then our bags
    Our caps and rags,
    Are light to wear:
    And free from care,
    We’re always idle,
    Slippered, we sidle,
    Through market crowds,
    Slithering about,
    Standing to gaze,
    And croak, amazed:
    And at that sound,
    Through heaving mounds,
    Eel-like slipping,
    Lightly skipping,
    We romp together.
    Praise us ever,
    Or scold us so,
    We let both go.

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