Hi, my name is Vanni, I’m Italian and I live in Milan.
Why this blog? I like photography and this blog is the best space to exhibit my work.
At the beginning, at the time of analog tecnology, I did hundreds of film’ rolls.
During that period I was really busy with children and my job, but nowdays I finally have more time to dedicate to my passion.
Digital tecnology give me the key to discover my passion, the pleasure of shooting again and again, taking pictures of everything around me capturing my interests.
You will find into my photos, my culture, my emotions and my feelings about people and situations of my life trying to interpret the world around me.
All images displayed here are protected by copyright. If you are interested in some of them, please advise, I will give you the access to use it.
Please feel free to add any comment.


6 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for the nice review, as beautiful as your photos, i really like their particularity, the use of a low contrast, monochromatic tones and soft, transmit a lot of tranquility and serenity.
      I come back to find, Vanni


  1. grazie di seguire il blog PASSOININDIA. Complimenti per tutte le belle foto. Anche io ho questa grande e bella passione. Però ne sono un po’ gelosa e allora alla fine le tengo per me. Un saluto.


    • Abbiamo tutti bisogno di un poco di India dentro di noi, la mia generazione è cresciuta guardando e cercando di coltivare da occidentale quella cultura.
      Seguirò volentieri il tuo blog e leggerò con interesse i tuoi articoli.
      Grazie per i complimenti.
      Ciao Vanni


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